Ceiling Tile Headboards

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Ceiling Tile Headboards

Update your children’s bedrooms by making your own cheap & chic no fuss ceiling tile headboards that coordinate with fun  bedding. The hardest part is narrowing down your options and choosing your tile style, design(s), and color(s).

We not only love that these ceiling tile headboards are easy to build, they are also easy to clean – just wipe them down with a damp cloth.

Wall Panel Options:

Option 1: Choose tin ceiling tiles or faux leather wall panels. This is both a choice of aesthetics and budget.

  • Tin tiles are 24″ x 24″ and range from $8.75/each to $49.00/each depending on the finish you choose. There are lots and lots of designs and colors available or you can paint your own to perfectly match your decor

Toy Train Tin Tile Shanker Starburst Steel Tin Tile

  • Faux leather tiles are 15 3/4″ x 15 3/4″ and cost $19.95 each. Style choices and colors are limited but they make a smart and sophisticated statement.

Crystal Palace Faux Leather Ceiling Tile Satin Doll Faux Leather Ceiling Tile

Option 2: Choose your tile design to have made into a wall panel

Option 3: Choose your panel color or stick with tin plated steel and paint your own panels to match your decor. For example, if you paint your own tiles you might choose to give them an off- white crackled finish and then highlight tile design elements in your accent color. Another advantage of using tin plated steel is its magnetic qualities. Your child’s headboard now doubles as a magnet board! The only caveat is that painting your own tiles will add a wee bit of effort and time to an otherwise no fuss, no muss project

Option 4: Decide how tall you want your headboard to be. You can easily adjust the headboard height by moving your starting point. For example, if 2 tiles are not quite enough headboard but 4 tiles are too high just drop the first tiles further below the mattress line. (See below: “How to Build a Tin Panel Headboard in Under 1 Hour”)

Option 5: Consider mixing and matching panel designs and colors if your room can handle at least 2 panels across and 2 panels high. For example, in my niece’s room, since she has a double bed and we went up to the ceiling we used three different color panels, Amethyst, White, and Aquamarine to match her multi-color ribbon bedding. My daughter liked what she saw but wanted a magnet board so she chose to paint the tiles herself, pink, blue and orange to match her bedding.

Tin Headboard Tile Finiish - Amethyst Tin Headboard Tile Finiish - White Tin Headboard Tile Finiish - Aquamarine
Tin Headboard Tile Finiish - Aquamarine Tin Headboard Tile Finiish - Amethyst Tin Headboard Tile Finiish - White
Tin Headboard Tile Finiish - White Tin Headboard Tile Finiish - Aquamarine Tin Headboard Tile Finiish - Amethyst

How to build a tin panel headboard in under 1 hour:

Needed Materials: straight edge ruler, level (optional), pencil, removable Picture-Hanging Strips or Cone Head Nails, scissors

Once you order and receive the tiles, all you need to do is attach large 3M Command White Picture-Hanging Strips or better yet, nail them into the wall with Cone Head Nails. (The best way to attach the faux leather tiles is with hot glue gun!) Pencil a straight 48″ line (use a ruler and level) on your wall a few inches below the top of your mattress so the edge of the tile is covered by the mattress and exactly where you want your bed to be – either center your bed or push it to one side so that your headboard also frames your nightstand. Line the tiles up squarely on the line. Stick or nail the tiles to your wall. Since the tiles are 24 inches high by 24 inches wide you can actually get away with using just 2 tiles for a low profile stream-lined look. If not, simply add a row above the first row. 2 rows should be plenty of headboard unless you really want to make a statement — feel free to take the tiles all the way to your ceiling (that’s what we did and it looks fantastic). Remember you can also adjust the headboard height by moving your starting point. For example, if 2 tiles are too low but 4 tiles are too high just drop the first tiles further below the mattress line. From start to finish the whole process should not take much more than one hour. How simple is that!

* I spoke with Milan over at Decorative Ceiling Tiles, Inc. and he says not to worry about the 12 unit minimum purchase requirement. He recognizes that most headboards require less than 12 tiles and is more than willing to do whatever he can to help make this diy headboard project work for you. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to give him a call – Milan has a wealth of product knowledge and has hands on installation experience, plus he is patient and funny! Just tell him Marcia sent you. 8-)

For inspiration — use a few tiles or lots — both looks are fabulous and chic!

New! University of Texas “Longhorn” Headboard & Bedding

Longhorn - Tin Ceiling Tile  Texas Bed In a Bag
2426 Tin Ceiling Tile – LONGHORN | Texas Bed in a Bag

If you order the tin plated steel tile and paint it orange (and white) – your headboard will double as a magnet board!

Nursery Themes and Fairy Tale Inspired Headboards

New! Unicorn Theme Headboard & Bedding


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Butterfly Theme Headboard & Bedding

Decorate the whole room in delightful butterflies or just use them as accent pieces to your favorite solid colored bedding. No matter which way you go, this butterfly headboard will take your room from ordinary to extraordinary in less than an hour.


Classic Butterfly Needlepoint Tin Ceiling Tile


More Butterfly Themed Bedding

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Train Theme Headboard & Bedding


Tin Ceiling Tile -TOY TRAIN

 Patch Magic Train Crib Bedding Trains Toddler Bedding Set

 Train Bedding Thomas The Train Bedding

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Dolphin | Ocean Theme Headboard & Bedding



 Dolphin Sunset Bedding  Dolphin Bedding

Dolphin Themed Bedding

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Dog Theme Headboard & Bedding


Tin Ceiling Tile – MANS BEST FRIEND

 Doggone Good Time Quilt Set  Blue Dog Cartoon Print Duvet Cover

Doggone Good Time Quilt Set | Blue Dog Cartoon Print Duvet Cover

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Island Theme Headboard & Bedding


Tin Ceiling Tile -ISLAND OASIS

 Catch a Wave Twin Quilt with Pillow Sham  Surfer Girl Bedding Set

Island Themed Bedding | More Island Fun: Surf’s Up!

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Headboard & Bedding Inspiration and Ideas for Girls Rooms

Coordinate Tin and Faux Leather Wall Panels to your Favorite Tween and Teen Bedding

 Tin Headboard Tile Finiish Sky Tones #35 Tin Headboard Tile Finiish - Amethyst Tin Headboard Tile Finiish - Honey Dew
Scallop Edge Duvet Cover Serena and Lily color frame duvet cover Caroline Duvet Cover

 Tin Headboard Tile Finiish - Creme Brulee  Tin Headboard Tile Finiish - Peridot  Tin Headboard Tile Finiish - White Coated Aluminum
Gold and White Amalia Embriodered Duvet Woodland Friends Comforter Set Cherry Duvet Cover

 Tin Headboard Tile Finiish - Peridot  Tin Headboard Tile Finiish - Molten Silver  Tin Headboard Tile Finiish - Wheathered Saddle
Serena and Lily Annabel Duvet Cover Sunset and Vine Briar Cliff Comforter Set Yellow and Grey Western Horse Cowgirl Childrens Bedding

Headboard & Bedding Inspiration and Ideas for Boys Rooms

 Tin Headboard Tile Finiish - Aqua Green  WAVATION - MIRROFLEX - WALL PANELS PACK Tin Headboard Tile Finiish - Dark Stain Oak

 Alligator Duvet Cover Skateboard "Skate & Destroy" Twin Comforter & Sheet Set DwellStudio Kids Bedding Skyline Light Blue Duvet Set

 Tin Headboard Tile Finiish - Wheathered Saddle  Tin Headboard Tile Finiish - Wheathered Saddle  Tin Headboard Tile Finiish - Pacific Tide
Brown & Blue Urban Striped Boys Twin Comforter Set Reade Stripe Duvet Cover Cartoon Green Forest Bedding Sets

Add a matching magnet board. Buy one extra tin plated steel tile in the same pattern you have chosen for your headboard. Cut it with scissors to fit inside an 18″ x 24″ poster frame. Prime and paint it. Glue the tin tile to the cardboard backing. Hang on your wall.

OMG!  Look what we found!

Ceiling Tin Bed

Ceiling Tin Bed: Sometimes, it is nice not to DIY.  This bed uses the architecturally classic tin ceiling motif in a whole new way. Authentic punched-tin panels are the focal point of the headboard and footboard; Solid square corner posts accentuate the simplicity of design. Handcrafted in the USA of solid white pine. Choose from seven hand-rubbed, slightly distressed finishes. Available at Plow & Hearth
Painted Finishes: Antique White, Antique Red, Antique Black, Bayleaf, Cottage White
Stained Finishes: Honey Pine, Chestnut

Interested in replicating the bed frame pattern on your ceiling or making coordinating picture frames, or planters, bulletin boards, trash cans, or just about anything else you can imagine?

 148 Faux Tin Ceiling Tile Glue up 24×24 – Black  205 Faux Tin Ceiling Tile  150 Faux Tin Ceiling Tile
148 Faux Tin Ceiling Tile – Black
 | 205 Faux Tin Ceiling Tile | 148 Faux Tin Ceiling Tile | 150 Faux Tin Ceiling Tile

Make it a beautiful day!

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