How2 – Ceiling Tile Installation

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How2 – Ceiling Tile Installation

Milan from  Decorative Ceiling Tiles, Inc. has created a nice selection of How2 videos providing step by step instruction in installation techniques for a variety of decorative ceiling tile products.

As with most home improvement projects, the most important aspect of the installation is the preparation.  Take your time and do it right.  Keep your edges straight and your corners square and please, please, please use a ruler and actually measure everything out.  Trust me — eyeballing it never works.

F aux Tin Glue Up Ceiling Tiles Installation

How To Decorate A Drop Ceiling

How To Install Faux Tin Drop In Ceiling Tiles

Affordable Photography Backdrop

How to Create an Affordable Photography Backdrop

Styrofoam Glue Up Ceiling Tiles Installation Video

A wallpaper knife – (or a box-cutter knife) to cut the  ceiling tiles
Mastic– to glue the tiles to the ceiling
Caulk– (of matching color or clear) to fill the existing gaps between the ceiling tiles

A couple of gloves – to keep your hands clean, while working with the caulk

Caulking gun – to apply the caulk

A sponge or a wet rag – to wipe off the excess caulk (always make sure to rinse it)

A straight edge- as a guide to cut the  ceiling tiles (metal ruler)

Metal Backsplash Installation Instructions

(No video just written instructions)

3 EASY STEPS • 4 HOURS Estimated time v. 4 days for ceramic tile

  1. Surface Preparation
  2. Coat and Install Panel
  3. Caulk Seems & Seal The Perimeter
  4. Nailing(optional)


Tape measure, pencil,level, Caulking gun,Liquid Nails® 601 for Projects,cotton gloves, guillotine cutter or standard tin snips, blunt chisel, and painters’ caulk (clear or silicone).


t-square,latex-based tile adhesive,trowel,brad gun, drill, driver bit, 1/32 drill bit (for pilot holes), authentic cone head nails (or 1” all-purpose screws),hammer.

Make It a Beautiful Day!

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