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Ceiling Tiles Ideas for Architects, Decorators, and Design Professionals Ceiling Tiles Ideas for Architects, Decorators, and Design Professionals Ceiling Tiles Ideas for Architects, Decorators, and Design Professionals Ceiling Tiles Ideas for Architects, Decorators, and Design Professionals

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Ceiling Tiles Ideas for Contractors, Architects, Decorators, and Design Professionals

Don’t Forget the Fifth Wall — Think Decorative Ceiling Tiles!

As you begin to sketch out and plan your projects, many contractors, architects, decorators, and other design professionals give very little thought to room ceilings other than they are useful to conceal electrical, mechanical and other rather unsightly elements necessary to the practical functioning of any space.  Yes, a design professional might consider ceiling height options, whether or not to use ceiling molding, and occasionally ponder a few decorative elements such as coffers, soffits, and exposed beams but seldom is the use of decorative ceiling tiles even contemplated.  Although historically plasterwork and tin ceiling ornamentation were highly desired and respected design aesthetics throughout Europe and the US, they went out favor during the 1930’s when depression era designers chose to ignore ceiling decorations to cut costs.  In the last decade or so, the innate beauty of tin ceiling tiles is finally beginning to regain a following and ceilings are being restored to their original splendor or installed new to add unique and personalized design elements to both commercial and residential installations.

I must admit, it took me a bit to warm up to decorative ceiling tiles but now I look at photographs and cannot imagine the room with plain, unadorned ceilings.  In our Ceiling Tile Idea Book I have even posted photos of rooms where the addition of ceiling tiles would take the room from plain to beautiful with very little effort or cost.

Yes, I am obsessed.  I look up everywhere now.  Our favorite local steak joint is in desperate need of a ceiling remodel.  Not only would the grungy, dirty ceiling be so much improved if the owners spent a few thousand dollars on outfitting the entire restaurant with decorative ceiling tiles, the old fashioned decor would be both complimented and enhanced.  From restaurants, to doctors and dentist offices, to hair salons, to apartment buildings, and private residences, help the owners go from plain to beautiful in just hours!

Here are a few of our favorite photos featuring decorative ceiling tiles.

Ceiling Tile Inspiration for Residential Installation

Dining Room: We love the juxtaposition of the contemporary wood dining room furniture with the classical tin ceiling.  Don’t you agree, the tin ceiling makes the whole room pop!

Contemporary dining room with the classical tin ceilingTUSCAN GLORY - TIN CEILING TILE  ROBINSON'S OCTAGONAL MEDLEY MEDALLION Tin Ceiling Tile

Desire to Inspire

Tin Ceiling Tile:  2438 Tin Ceiling Tile – Tuscan Glory |  2447 Tin Ceiling Tile – ROBINSON’S OCTAGONAL MEDLEY

Man Cave: Here the designer chose to use ceiling tiles to highlight the heart of of the room — an entertainment console that can be viewed from 4 sides.Man Cave with Tin Ceiling Tiles (found on Zillow)  BAROQUE - TIN CEILING TILE  CAESAR'S WREATH - TIN CEILING TILE

Tin Ceiling Tiles: Baroque – Tin Ceiling Tile 24″x24″ #2408 or 2416 Tin Ceiling Tile – Classic Caesar’s Wreath

Family Room: We love the way faux leather panels completely transform a room plus their acoustical qualities make faux leather panels ideal for use in contemporary, transitional, and traditional media rooms.

black-faux-leather-panels-behind-tv.png Diamonds in The Sky - Faux Leather Tile

Faux Leather : DCT LRT19 Faux Leather Ceiling Tile – Black Diamond with Crystals

Bedroom: Couldn’t help thinking this almost perfect room would be outstanding with the addition of  tin ceiling tiles that would compliment the diamond pattern and shiny glossy surfaces. B.G.

Tin Ceiling Tile:   0606 Tin Ceiling Tile – Classic – JAZZ AGE

Dining Room: We love the way an intricately tiled ceiling can complement a simpler, sleek, modern styled dinning space.

205 Faux Tin Ceiling Tile  R 37 Styrofoam Ceiling Tile

Faux Tin Ceiing Tile: 205 Faux Tin Ceiling Tile | Foam Ceiling Tile: R 37 Foam Ceiling Tile

Wine CellarPainted decorative ceiling tiles can lend a soft, embossed look to a ceiling
   Queen Victoria - Tin Ceiling Tile - 1204

White Decorative Ceiling Tile Photo courtesy of

Tin Queen Victoria: Queen Victoria – Tin Ceiling Tile – #1204

Wine Cellar: These copper tiles give warmth to a cool space.

Wine Cellar with Copper Ceiling  CREEPING IVY - TIN CEILING TILE - 2491

Tin Creeping Ivy: 2491 Tin Ceiling Tile – Creeping Ivy

Bathroom: We <3 this bathroom remodel — be sure to Watch the Video Clip of how Matt Muenster uses decorative ceiling tiles on Bath Crashers.  We especially like that Matt tells it like it is — these are fake tin tiles that look authentic and make a huge difference in the entire look of the room.

Decorative Ceiling Tiles on Bath Crashers DIY Network's show with Matt Muenster 208 White Matt Faux Tin Ceiling Tile

Faux Tin Ceiling Tile:  208 white matte – faux tin ceiling tiles

Ceiling Tile Inspiration for Restaurants & Bars

Image is showing and old fashioned metal ceiling tiles with ceiling medalions, heavy looking chandeliers and cornices.  UNION SQUARE - TIN CEILING TILE - 2429

Tin Union Square: 2429 Tin Ceiling Tile – Union Square

 Irish pub and restaurant with rich irish decor, featuring coffered ceiling tiles, lamp posts inside and decorative concrete flooring. Rhine Valley - Faux Tin Ceiling Tiles VC 02

Faux Rhine Valley Tin: VC 02 Faux Tin Drop

Gottino in  NYC  – West Village 

Gottino Wine Bar Tin Ceiling

ROMANESQUE - TIN CEILING TILE - 2407  Laurel Wreath - Faux Tin Ceiling Tile - 210

Tin Tiles: 2407 Tin Ceiling Tile – Classic Romanesque in Autumn Bronze | Faux Tin Tiles: Decorative Ceiling Tiles Model 210 in Antique Copper.  The cost is about half of tin.

Mia Francesca – Del Mar, California

mia francesca

Delicate Daisies Tin ceiling tile 0607 142 Faux Tin Ceiling Tile Glue up 24×24 – Black

Mia Francesca, a fabulous new Scott Harris restaurant (out of Chicago) just opened in Del Mar, CA — just minutes from my house.  Check out their ceiling!  It is definitely the Delicate Daisies Pattern.   Unfortunately, authentic tin / aluminum tiles cannot be ordered in black but they can definitely be painted black.  A great, more economical alternative that can be used to achieve a very similar look is the faux tin ceiling tile in black pictured above. 

Tin Ceiling Tile:  0607 Tin Ceiling Tile – Classic – DELICATE DAISIES | 
Faux Tin Ceiing Tile: 142 Faux Tin Ceiling Tile Glue up 24×24 – Black

Plus, Harris chose to use a decorative border just above his booths to bring the room together.  Although Mia Francesca’s designers did not choose to match the ceiling and the border, we would definitely recommend sticking with a single pattern or at least a coordinating pattern.

Tin Backsplash: 0607 DELICATE DAISIES BACKSPLASH | Faux Tin Backsplash: WC 20 Faux Tin – Backsplash Roll – (PVC) – 1 1/4 ” Pattern – Cream Pearl

Huye’s Diner – New Orleans, LA

206 Antique Silver Installed at Huyes DinerTUSCAN GLORY - TIN CEILING TILE - 2438  large snowflake faux tin ceiling tile 06 antique gold

Tin Ceiling Tile:  2438 Tin Ceiling Tile – Tuscan Glory | Faux Tin Ceiling Tile:  206 Faux Tin 

Four & Twenty Blackbirds Pie Shop – Brooklyn, New York

Greenwich Grill – Meat Packing District in NYC

Decorative Ceiling Tiles at Greenwich Grill in NYC EDGERTON SQUARE - TIN CEILING TILE - 2401

Tin Tile: 2401 Tin Ceiling Tile –  Classic Edgerton Square

2nd Ave Deli on 33rd Street in NYC

Tin Ceilings at 2nd Ave Deli in NYCQUEEN VICTORIA - TIN CEILING TILE - 1204   shanko_tin_plated_steel_wall_and_ceiling_patterns_501

Tin Tiles: Queen Victoria – Tin Ceiling Tile – #1204 or Shanko – Tin Plated Steel – Wall and Ceiling Patterns – #501

Emporio in the Nolito area of NYC Decorative Ceilings Emporio Restaurant in NYCMetal ceiling tile ideas

Tin Tiles:   0610 Tin Ceiling Tile – Classic Grandma’s Quilt and 0619 Tin Ceiling Tile | Faux Tin Tiles:  239 Faux Tin Ceiling Tile , 142 Faux Tin Ceiling Tile Antique Copper

Little Cupcake Bakeshop next door to Emporia in the Nolita area of NYC

Decorative Ceilings at Little Cupcake BakeshopTin Tiles: 1204 Tin Ceiling Tile | Faux Tin Tiles:  148 Faux Tin Ceiling Tile

Seersucker – Del Mar California

Seersucker tin tile accent ceiling  UNION SQUARE - TIN CEILING TILE - 2429

Tin Tiles: Union Square Tin Ceiling Tile

The Ballantyne Hotel, Gallery Restaurant, Charlotte, North Carolina

Decorative Ceiling Tiles The Ballantyne Hotel Gallery Restaurant Charlotte North Carolinaelizabethan shield faux tin ceiling tile DCT04 antique coppper    Golden Prague - Faux Tin Ceiling Tile - Glue up - 218    argonaut faux tin ceiling tile DCT01 antique copper

Elizabethan Shield >> Faux Tin #DCT 04 or Aluminum #2421 | Golden Prague – Faux Tin Ceiling Tile – Glue up – 24″x24″ – #218 | Argonaut – Faux Tin Ceiling Tile – 24 x 24 – #DCT01

The Joint in Ocean Beach, California 

Kudos to Robbie and his crew of decorative ceiling tile spotters at The Joint in Ocean Beach, California! Yes, just by sending in these photos, treated him to his dinner. They are that serious about documenting how decorative ceiling tiles are used throughout the world to create ambience and differentiate spaces.  The Joint in Ocean Beach is just that, a small sushi and tapas joint in a quaint San Diego beach town.  It clearly is the perfect place to retreat to after a playing 18 holes of golf at the renowned Torrey Pines Golf Course. The decorative ceiling tiles at The Joint help create a space that is warm and welcoming >> they scream take a seat and stay a while!

Decorative Ceiling Tiles at The Joint in Ocean Beach California, Ceiling Tile Spotters

As always, we turned to our buddy Milan over at to determine how best to replicate the look of the decorative ceiling tiles at The Joint.  Milan immediately suggested using their Lillies & Swirls Faux tin Tile #204 in antique copper.

lillies and swirls faux tin ceiling tile 204 antique copper, Decorative Ceiling Tiles at The Joint in Ocean Beach California

 204 Lilies and Swirls tile 

Ceiling Tile Inspiration for Beauty & Hair Salons

Tommy Guns Brooklyn Salon

Tommy Guns decorative ceiling tilesROMANESQUE - TIN CEILING TILE - 2407  laurel wreath faux tin ceiling tile 210 white matte

Tin Tiles: 2407 Tin Ceiling Tile – Classic Romanesque in White Aluminum  | Faux Tin Tiles: Decorative Ceiling Tiles Model 210 in white matte. The cost is about half of tin.

Update: We recently received an email from American Tin Ceilings, the actual installers of this tile.  They were so kind as to send us a case study outlining the thought process behind the installation and choice of material.  They even provide photographs of the actual installation.  We definitely recommend checking it out!

The Dry Bar in San Diego

Ceiling Tile Ideas - Beauty Salon  Faux Tin Tile Bankers Hours 224 White_Pearl

224 Drop in  Ceiling Tiles

Anastasia Beverly Hills Salon

Get the look! (We just spoke to our buddy Milan over at Decorative Ceiling Tiles and he reminded us to remind you that if you have any questions whatsoever, feel free to email him or give him a call at 1-866-297-0380. Be sure to tell him Marcia says “hello”!

Have a few tiles left over?  Decorative ceiling tiles make great headboards, planters, and picture frames!

Make it a beautiful day!

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